TICOSA Programme

Friday 31st January 2014

9:00 Venue Open
9:25 Welcome
9:30 Process Echos in Code Michael Feathers
10:15 Are you a Lost Raider in the Code of Doom? Daniel Brolund
11:00 Coffee
11:25 How much should I refactor?
Digging in the Cucumber codebase for clues
Matt Wynne
11:45 Code Metrics Keith Braithwaite
12:05 Visualizing Project History Dmitry Kandalov
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Tools for Software Business Intelligence St├ęphane Ducasse
14:15 Information Archaeology :
Understanding Historical Design Decisions in Software
Stuart Curran
15:00 Coffee
15:25 Confronting Complexity Robert Smallshire
16:10 Lightning Talks
16:55 Closing
17:00 Pub